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Quarantined? why not delve into your spiritual world!


We welcome you to join us in our journey to becoming and living more consciously in daily life. We're here to help you tap into the wisdom of your higher-self. Whether you've already established a spiritual practice or new to it all, we hope you'll resonate with our readers, content and enjoy the thoughtfully proccured range of products in our store (coming soon).


COVID19 has and is changing the world as we've known it. There are many perspectives and theories surrounding this occurance. However, it's what we choose to do next that matters most!


Difficulties and challenges are part of life. However, how you choose to view them and react is the deciding factor in whether you'll successfully overcome them.

Sometimes, when life tips us upside-down and we lose perspective. A skilled energy or light worker is practiced at holding their own energy while assisting others to regain balance.

The dominant areas of focus tending to be money or work, relationships, self-esteem, confidence, health and life purpose. If you're feeling at a loss in one or many areas and ready to talk to a professional reader or light worker ... you're in the right place.

You do have the strength & power to change your life and how you interact in the world!

Important Note: All Readings are for entertainment purposes only. By using this site You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any and all your own major life decisions. Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with, nor attached to any religions belief systems. We feel that personal beliefs and life choices should be respected and not a basis for discrimination. LGBT Friendly.

Readings & Guidance

Personal Goals!

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Authenticity comes with vulnerability, and it's important to understand the Mind/Body Connection. Physical Health, Mental & Emotional resilience and agility are intimately linked.

Are you ready to tap into your Authentic Self and discover your Personal NEXT LEVEL?

Your Wings Are Ready-RC


Changing yourself & your world takes work. It can also take time. We want to give you the support & resources you need to help you get there quicker.

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Spiritual & Intuitive Guidance

Connecting with your own 'Intuition / Higher-Self' again is the ultimate goal.

Who were you before the world taught you how you 'should' be, 'should' behave and what you 'should' do with your life?

Getting back to connecting with yourself and finding your purpose is not easy for most, because you've been conditioned to believe you have no power or control.

It typically takes a life 'crisis' for us to ask these questions of ourselves. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone.

Are you are open to learning about helpful methods, tools and elements of spirituality that can help you tap into & trust your own intutition?

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 Tarot Readings

How are you projecting yourself in your world of relationships, health business, work and career?

Tarot is a well known divination tool ... however it is one of many.

Humans have always used symbolism and divination tools and the tarot is a beautiful way to visualise the energy surrounding you in image form.

Want to figure out what the next level is, in an authentic and relatable way?

Everyone is different when it comes to how they prefer to tap into their higher selves ... and different readers have different energies and guidance they tap into ~ see who you vibe well with and get in touch!

Fitness Goals!

Health, Wellness & Alignment

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What is Biohacking? ..

“Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology”

Physical Energy, Health & Beauty starts on a cellular level. Many now refer to this as biohacking.

However, biology isn't the only thing that is 'hackable'

We love finding 'life hacks'!

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Holistic Health

Why does conventional medicine and health systems divide us up in to our various parts? With different 'specialists' for different 'ailments' ?

Scientically based foundational information & methods and key focus areas to transform your life!

The only place to start is where you are now. There are many professionals who now adopt a more holistic approach which focuses on the cause rather than the symptoms.

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Somatic Healing Techniques

Physical Health, Mental & Emotional Agility are intimately linked.

Understanding your emotional self and what feelings are and the messages they convey. What if you could change the interpretation and meaning, therefore changing your reactions, therefore the outcome ... is life changing!

What your physiology is actually indicating and which of the numerous modalities or techniques can help?

Career Goals!

Practitioner Guide

Finding A Practitioner that you can 'connect' and resonate with is important.

All practitioners, readers, light workers have a slightly different way of working and different life experiences and guidance systems they draw their wisdom from.

You may have a specific modality or speciality area you'd like to work with.
** Currently seeking intuitives, readers & majickal guides worldwide **
(book a free chat via the bookings page)

Health Goals!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Relationship Goals!

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